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There is a lot written on the subject of entrepreneurship. Wikipedia describes an entrepreneur as someone who operates a new enterprise and assumes some accountability for the inherent risks. There are websites and books galore devoted to helping entrepreneurs.

Having started a company almost twelve years ago i wonder if I still fall into that class called "entrepreneur" or am I just a business owner? I could argue that in order to run a successful private business you are continually making investment decisions that carry significant personal risk ... which probably still qualifies for the entrepreneur label.

Yesterday I spent an hour chatting with a young entrepreneur who is contemplating his foray into owning a business. He will be giving up his safe, very comfortable income, to take on significant debt and uncertainty with a venture he would be buying. He will be entering a business in an area where he has no real expertise and assuming responsibility for an existing team, existing structure, existing clients ... and he is PUMPED!

That is what an entrepreneur is! He doesn't care if he needs to work around the clock ... he wants to make this work! He is bright, educated and has worked with many different businesses ... he knows what he is getting into and is not afraid to ask for help. He is an entrepreneur!

He asked me if I still have that passion for Eagle after twelve years ... of course I do! Its my baby ... and I continue to work to make sure we are successful, and I am prepared to take those risks!

Maybe Wikipedia should remove that word "new" from its definition, because I am an entrepreneur ... and a business owner. Life is GOOD!