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Getting Fitter

There are a few reasons for this blog entry ...

1. A little over two weeks ago lots of people made resolutions for 2008, and right about now many are wavering ... one very common goal people have trouble with relates to fitness.
2. I have blogged several times about the need to stay healthy in order to be effective in your job (any job) ... fitness is a big part of that.
3. I have been studying and absorbing information related to this area, in my quest to keep the flab off, for probably 25 years now ... and while certainly no expert, I think I have a pragmatic approach to the subject.
4. We all need a helping hand with this stuff, there is so much information "out there" it can be overwhelming.

So the goal of this blog entry is to provide a little boost that can help people with their 2008 resolution to get fitter ... and just maybe one or two people will avoid "falling off the wagon".

Some thoughts on getting fitter ...

1. There is no "one size fits all" solution! We are all different so what works for me will not necessarily work for you.
2. There are no shortcuts, no silver bullets, no magic cures ... it takes effort BUT the results are worth it.
3. Getting fitter involves a commitment ... some time, some effort and consistency. BUT it is worth it (did I already say that).
4. You need to START ... sounds simple but start in a way that is manageable and that you can keep doing. If it hurts you won't keep it up ... if it too hard on your time you won't keep it up ... if it causes upset in other parts of your life then you won't keep it up.
5. You will get fitter if you exercise more than you do today ... so ANY change is good.
6. If you track your efforts then you will be able to see progress ... so write it down. If you are walking after supper then over time you will be able to cover more distance in the same time and/or walk for longer ... by tracking it you see progress as well as feel the health benefits. One free site that allows you to track exercise and diet online is
7. Learn about exercise and fitness, subscribe to Men's/Women's health, read articles online (here is an example of a site with basic information and seek out information on the subject.
8. Try different things ... mix it up to keep it interesting, find what works for you and that also keeps your body guessing and that means a bigger impact.

Some ideas for getting started ... anyone can do these:

1. Walk to work, walk to the corner store, walk instead of drive anywhere you can.
2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator ... you could start by walking a few levels and getting the elevator the rest of the way and build up.
3. If you spend a lot of the time talking on the telephone, do it standing up and walking around.
4. If you are a TV addict then make a conscious effort to replace 30 minutes of TV watching with a 30 minute walk (and push to one hour later).
5. Get a cheap exercise bike, (all those people who are falling off their New Year resolutions will have one for sale), and ride it gently while you watch those TV shows.
6. Do some basic weight bearing exercise using your own body weight (push ups, abs etc). Learn the correct form and start easy and build up ... don't hurt yourself!

So do Something, do it consistently and then build on that start. It's a great time to revive that flagging resolution ... just do it!

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