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Look After Yourself!

This time of year I am amazed at how many people are sick ... ranging from annoying sniffles to chest infections and flu like symptoms. Everybody I talk to is affected in some way ... if they are not afflicted then their family are sick or their coworkers are sick. There have been many predictions about pandemics and the coming issues that will bring, but for me this is a real indicator about how these things spread and not only that, they keep going around and around. People that had a cold 6 or 8 weeks ago are getting a second batch now.

What has this got to do with a business blog? Lots ... if you are not well then you can't do a good job; if your staff are off sick then your company cannot operate at peak performance and when you get into a downward cycle of illness or of company performance there is a real risk that it won't turnaround easily.

What can you do?

Simple things ...

1. Eat healthily ... I blogged about this in September last year.
2. Exercise ... at the same time I talked about the importance of exercise.
3. Sleep ... the third "pillar" of this discussion was the need to get enough sleep.

What else can you do?

Try anything that MIGHT work! What do you have to lose?

- ColdFx has been somewhat validated by health authorities in Canada and I have had good success in warding off colds using it. I'm sure that if you believe it will work then it will help ... so try it.
- Without being obsessive, clean your keyboards and telephones and work surfaces with an anti-bacterial wipe every now and then.
- Be scrupulous about not sharing your germs by washing hands a lot, don't allow your coughs and sneezes to infect the air around you.
- Try to avoid contact with people who are sick.
- If possible, avoid places where masses of people congregate.
- Maybe even try wearing a mask!

My point is that none of us like to get sick and yet we don't do enough to stay healthy and to avoid the possibility of spreading or catching germs. Stay healthy and you will automatically be ahead of the competition!