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The Long Term View

I have been fortunate enough to be able to build my own company over the last twelve years. As a private company we have also had the luxury of being able to take the long term view when making our business decisions. That is a luxury that public companies don't always have, when there are quarterly goals to meet and the cost of failure is very public in the stock markets!

I like to take the longer term view about most things ... certainly the volatility in the stock markets recently would be distressing to anyone who is trying to "make a quick buck". There are those very competent people who will profit in such turbulent times, but the great majority of people will see the value of their portfolios erode somewhat. The interesting thing about taking the longer term view is that times like these are great for reducing the cost per share of a portfolio. As long as the companies you invest in have sound fundamentals, good books, good management and executing on a sound business plan they will be OK ... and so will my portfolio.

The same applies at Eagle ... keep the fundamentals sound, invest in the business, invest in the people, do the right thing for our clients, keep true to our core values and we continue to enjoy success even when the markets are tough.

The same can apply to you in your career, your relationships, your life plan ... stick to the fundamentals, always do the right things and the plan will fall into place. Things will happen along the way, but stick to the plan and you will be alright!