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Are Your Eyes Open?

It seems like such a silly question really ... but as a manager I often make assumptions based upon MY realities, when other people see the world through a totally different prism. I recently wrote a blog entry entitled We ARE Responsible for Ourselves. I don't think that people disagree with that, but I think there IS a disconnect between their perception of what that means and what management means.

My expectations of an employee are that should come to work prepared to EARN their living, to work diligently in their role. That in doing so they are fulfilling their contract with their employer, but more importantly they are investing in themselves.

That perception can be very different from the employees who feel that just because they show up each day then they are doing their bit for the company. I hear people talking about all of the different ways that they can "get out of work", or who put great effort into avoiding work ... which I might expect from a juvenile but certainly not from any professional looking to build a career.

When I started my work life I was more in the second camp than the first! That may surprise a lot of people, but it took me a long time to really understand that when I did a GREAT job I was really investing in myself and my future. My employer was a beneficiary of the effort but I am the beneficiary of the result ... and the salary I earned getting here!

I went through a large part of my early work years with my eyes closed to this reality ... but once the light came on and I opened my eyes to the opportunities, my world changed a lot. I began to see what was possible, rather than the negatives in life.

Are your eyes open ... or are you coasting through life with some vague notion of what work is?