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Book Review - Nobodies to Somebodies

Nobodies to Somebodies by Peter Han

This is a book that will be of interest to anyone who has aspirations to "get ahead" or even those people who like to live vicariously through others. Here in Canada "Speedy Muffler" have a slogan that says "At Speedy You are a Somebody" ... I think the name for Han's book is a little unfortunate, but still it is interesting.

Did you for instance know that Tom Clancy, one of the most successful authors on the planet was an insurance agent until well into his forties?

I think one of the most interesting things about this book is that you learn that success can come at any stage in life, it can come in many different forms and arrive in different ways. The author interviewed 100 "successful" people and each has their own story, no two of which would be the same.

There are common themes and messages through the book and plenty of advice from those that have been there and got the t-shirt. Some common themes included developing careers by steadily raising visibility, developing a broad functional expertise, taking less than glamorous roles for experience and making very conscious career moves. Others were not so structured in their advancement and credited intense passion, "right time - right place" and some lucky breaks for their success.

Invariably the "w" word is well used, hard work and then some more work, is a common theme with many successful people. Most however are doing something that they enjoy doing and can be passionate about it ... so the price is worth paying. Many eschew the notion that they have no balance in their lives, suggesting that balance is a personal thing and it works for them.

Almost everybody benefited from relationships ... so even the introverts needed to "get out there" and work relationships. Many also committed to the golden rule of treating other as they would want to be treated, of dealing with everyone with dignity and respect no mater their position.

Life long learning, developing willpower and being adaptable to change are all common themes among many of the 100.

This is one of those books that will get you thinking, because the remarkable thing about successful people is that they are very much like everybody else ... which would suggest that success is attainable by almost anyone, if you are willing to do the things these people do!

Happy reading!