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Change ... and Success

Today Eagle requalified for the 2007 Platinum list of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies, the story was in today's National Post who are also one of the program sponsors. The list of winners is on the 50 Best website and the 52 companies who have made "Platinum", like Eagle have all been on this list for more than 6 consecutive years.

For some awards you can get recognition just for "showing up", perhaps its because you gave some money to charity or achieved certain revenue numbers. This particular award is different ... the sponsors look very closely at best practices, at the financials and the fundamentals of those companies who apply. The whole process brings value to the applicants, whether they win or not ... because it is an opportunity to get feedback from professionals about what you are doing well and what might need improvement. This award that has to be EARNED ... so we are proud.

It really doesn't matter whether you are an individual or a company, in order to achieve sustainable success you need to be able to grow, adapt to change and keep learning. Yes, that can be inconvenient ... but it is reality!

There are many companies that used to be successful and that have fallen from grace primarily because they have not adapted and changed with the world's realities. The same happens to individuals ... you must keep pace with change, keep learning and adapting.

Think about how the world has changed in the last 100 years, what about the last 50 years or even 10 years ... the pace of change is relentless, so if you (or your company) are doing the same things the same way today that you were doing last year, and the year before that then perhaps you should look closely at your relevance!

We live in a world with such forces as global trade, impending demographic challenges, global warming, scientific advances in bio tech, a computer environment driven by Moores Law . I have more power in the PDA on my hip than in the first IBM personal computers and we have made medical advances that will keep people alive today that just a few years ago would have had no chance.

If you are not willing to invest in your own growth ... as an individual or as a company ... then you are destined to be marginalized. Somebody half way around the world might be doing your job for you, or maybe someone who really wants to make a difference will replace you and half a dozen like you ... with their PDA and their attitude.

Eagle has done well, we continue to get recognition ... but we are not the same company we were 10 years ago, and we will be different again 5 years from now.

Kevin Dee is running his own company... who would have thought that 25 years ago? Better yet it is still doing OK almost 12 years after starting!

Things change and that means opportunity ... change is not something to worry about, it is something to embrace. Change allowed me and Eagle our opportunities. Read, learn, ask ... look at the world through new eyes and look for possibilities, they are endless. How else do you think Eagle is on that list?