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Happy Valentines Day

Most days I write about business issues, staffing issues, sales issues, motivation, productivity, business books or some such thing ... sometimes I write about the need for a balanced life.

Today is one of those days when many of us need to put a little focus on things other than the office. So a few thoughts of a different nature today ...

1. When you are lying on your death bed it is highly unlikely, even if you are a Type-A personality, that you will wish you spent more time working.

2. No matter how well you are doing at work, if life on the home front is not good then you are not going to be happy.

3. We are all different, so you NEED to understand the importance of occasions to your partner/friend/lover and act accordingly. Just because an occasion doesn't mean much to you, you cannot assume your partner feels the same way.

4. Emotional bank accounts are important things ... make sure you are making regular deposits! Today is a day to make a big deposit!

5. Don't ONLY be nice on special occasions ... a nice surprise to a loved one because it is a day ending in "Y" will bring bonus points!

Smile ... it's infectious!