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As previously mentioned I attended a conference for CEOs yesterday and was treated to a presentation by Larry Keeley, President of Doblin Group, on innovation. I was a little skeptical at first but Keeley's assess that innovation is about discipline, process and hard work and NOT about creativity, really caught my attention.

I am short of time for this blog so just time for a few teasers on this subject ...

1. Check out Doblin and Larry Keeley at their website.

2. For an example of true innovation ... can you imagine creating a hotel for business travelers, with flat screen TVs and internet access in every room that makes money at a daily room rate of $25? Tata have done just that with their Ginger group of hotels! This is the same company (from India) that has developed the $2,500 car making car ownership available to millions!

It is innovation that helped DELL to take the PC market by storm and be one of the few companies that has consistently made money in that space. look at the internet world for lots of examples of innovative business models like eBay, iTunes, Google, Skype etc.

Interesting stuff!