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Six Resolutions for Sales Professionals

I came across this article in and among my “goodies”.

It was written in 2006 and talks about New Year resolutions for sales people … and the content is still just as relevant today!

6 for 2006: Resolutions for Sales Professionals
By Robert Kowal

Another year has flown by. How successful have you been? What are your plans for 2006? Below are six key resolutions that will help you reach a higher level in your sales career.

1.Service. Make servicing customers your number one priority in 2006 (even if it seems your company’s priorities lay elsewhere). Let your customers know you truly care. If caring about your customers doesn’t come naturally, or if you are in it only for the money, then maybe you should consider another career.
2.Provide Fanatical Follow-Up. Provide your customers, suppliers, partners and your management team with thorough, proactive follow up.
3.Connect with your customers. You can’t provide great service and follow up without connecting with your customers. Teach your customers everything you know. Question them until you fully understand their needs. Spend time and build trusting and lasting relationships. You need to entrench yourself in their culture. Before long they will be calling you and you will become a valuable resource to them. The sales will follow.
4.Commit to Training. Keep yourself in continuous education mode. Company won’t train you? Train yourself. Invest in yourself. Enroll in seminars, continuing education courses and read books! Regardless of the circumstances around you (company politics, your boss, etc.) you have a responsibility to yourself and your career to learn, grow and achieve great things.
5.Technology. Still not comfortable with technology? Still not using technology as the powerful tool that it can be? Admittedly, the pace of technological change is hard to keep up with, but this is no reason to avoid it. Change is constant, progress is optional. Your company won’t buy you a notebook? Invest in one yourself. Good notebook computers can be purchased for under $1000.(Editor’s note:  even in 2020 you can get a Chromebook for under $500)Get yourself connected. Isn’t you career worth it?
6.Set Goals. You have heard this many times. Still not planning your career goals and objectives? Engage in the discipline of goal setting. Not sure how? Take a course. Set daily, monthly and yearly goals. Make sure your goals and objectives are in line with the company you work for.

Robert Kowal is President of Kriscor & Associates in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.