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The Power of Coffee

Regular readers of this blog will know that I take an interest in staying fit and healthy ... as a component of that I try to stay current with recent thinking on exercise and nutrition. One of the sources of information is the monthly magazine Men's Health which I get delivered at home.

The latest issue (March 2008) had exciting news for me ... because in addition to attempting to stay healthy I also have a couple of vices, and one of them is coffee.

The index of the magazine references an article "Think Faster, Exercise Harder and Live Longer" which of course was intriguing ... and "lo and behold" it was a reference to the benefits of caffeine. Two pages of fact filled goodies about why drinking coffee is good for you ... yippee!

Any self respecting salesperson knows that coffee is a big contributor to sales success. It is during the morning coffee that the day's "To Do" list is refined, the mornings and afternoons are filled with brief "client coffee meetings" and late at night it is coffee that gives the energy and brain power needed to keep going with those big proposals.

Now I have an article to send to my doctor for that dreaded question when I have my annual check-up ... "How many cups of coffee do you have each day? HOW MANY?"

Sales people everywhere can rejoice, relax and up the number of coffee meetings ... its good for you, and your clients and might even lead to more business. Life is GOOD!