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Time for a Break!

In Ontario the first Family Day holiday is this coming Monday. Our provincial government decided to add a "holiday day" for many and sundry reasons, however the implementation has not been without its issues.

Federally regulated industries are not covered by the act, and that includes Federal Government employees in our National Capital Region ... so some people have a holiday and some don't. Some employers will pay the statutory holiday pay and some won't, which gets interesting if you are supplying people to these organizations!

Almost everyone enjoys a day off and most of us employers already give more than the statutory number of days off ... so for us it means a little juggling, but for others it does involve some financial pain. Personally I think it was a move to curry political favor at the expense of the employers, but our provincial premier would never do that ... would he?

Whatever the reasons, "it is what it is", so all of you Ontario people who get it (and the Alberta people who have had this holiday for many years) have a great long weekend. I am off on vacation for a week and will get back to blogging in a week or so!