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Time for Wisdom!

This afternoon I am attending the 13th annual Wisdom Exchange, which for the first time is being held here in Ottawa ... bonus!

I have always considered the name to be little "iffy", and have received my fair share of jokes about me going to something called a "wisdom exchange" ... I'm sure you can use your imagination!

There are a number of important points to make about this kind of thing:

1. First and foremost, I am not looking for things to do. In order for me to make time for this conference I need to take time away from other initiatives and plan this time into my crazy schedule.
2. If I am willing and able to do that, surely most people can find the time to invest in themselves.
3. I pick and choose the events that I attend carefully ... again because time is such a precious commodity to me. So ... this needs to be an event that brings me value and from which I can walk away with new ideas, new contacts, new perspectives. For you, any investment of time needs to provide a good return on your time investment.
4. Lifelong learning is something I have blogged about several times, and everybody needs to keep learning ... even old 'uns like me!

I head out with high expectations and will make the most of the opportunity by networking, renewing old acquaintances and getting some "staffing industry messages" out to the government people attending ... in addition to learning some "stuff". That is called time management or maybe I will coin the phrase ... Maximizing Return on Time Invested. I like that! Later!