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A Time Management Tip

Its been a while since I referenced Kit Grant's newsletter ... and since he is so "in your face" (I love it) I just had to reference this passage from his March newsletter.

"Every act we perform during the day is either goal achieving, tension relieving or unnecessary." ... Earl Nightingale.

How do you spend your time each day? It takes personal discipline to avoid doing so many unnecessary tasks although a few of those would probably fall into the tension relieving category. It's pretty easy to fool yourself into thinking activity equals productivity. Being real "busy" all day on STUFF brings about those "I can't believe the day is over and yet, what did I do?" moments. Problem: It's very difficult to be doing goal achieving activities if you have no goals. Here we are in March and most people are wondering how the time is slipping by so quickly. Get focused and you might surprise yourself at how much you really can get done.

What Kit is saying is ... Plan your days, and work your plan. Once that concept gets ingrained you wonder why it took so long! You will be amazed at how productive you can be and you will achieve more in a regular 8 hour workday than most people achieve in a week! Focus ... only work on the important stuff ... Focus ... don't waste time ... Focus ... keep a current "To Do" list ... Focus!