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Email is a tremendous tool ... but is greatly over-used. If you get into the habit of sending lots of emails to your clients then you had better be sure that the emails are bringing value and that the client wants to get them, because people have very little tolerance for "spam" or perceived "spam".

Here are some quick tips to remember with your clients ...

1. Promise them that you won't waste their time ... and keep that promise!
2. Don't assume that what you send them will be what they want ... ask! You need to understand how your client likes to work.
3. Make sure that your "Subject Lines" are meaningful so the client can quickly determine if they want to read it now, later ... or never. Don't you hate those emails that say "FYI" (or nothing) and contain some inane stuff that you could care less about!
4. Keep emails short, and make them very easy to read. Use capital letters/bolding/colours to highlight key words and themes. Remember they might be reading it on a PDA so make sure it is a quick read ... I think its OK to have more detail at the bottom of the email which can be read if the client wants to.
5. Only have one subject per email ... unless explicitly told otherwise. If I can knock off a one quick email at a time it is much easier than having several topics in one email which I need to open and reopen it to deal with various things. Also the multi-subject email ends up too long!
6. Pick up the phone when you can ... even though it is not as efficient it is a more personal form of communication that helps to build rapport.
7. Every now and then use snail mail ... everyone likes to get a handwritten card in the mail. It might just say "Thanks for Your Business"! That's OK!

Email is a very effective tool, but spam and overuse has turned it into a nuisance for most busy people ... always keep that in mind when dealing with your clients.