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Is Success Scary?

I spent some time today chatting with Tony Hamway about the work that he is doing with organizations, people ... and their dreams. the discussion was fascinating for me as a business owner who wants the best for this company and the people who make up this company.

Tony is very passionate about the work that he does, he is articulate, bright and very focused on keeping things simple ... which appeals to me. How do you have an atmosphere where people really want to work? How do you get maximum potential from your people? How do you get your people to want to maximize their potential? Interesting, topical and fascinating stuff.

There were many things discussed which resonated, but one thing Tony said that bothered me was that people are afraid of success. What he meant by that was that when successful people tell others about success and how they achieved success it can somehow have the opposite affect, rather than motivate people. The average person will be a little awed by the successful person and feel that they are not capable of achieving that same success ... even when they are very capable people.

It made me think!

I blog about my beliefs and ideas, to share them with others that might want to learn or even just gather different points of view. What if I am actually turning people off by blogging?

If I am trying to motivate a sales team to new heights by showing them how they might get there, am I motivating them or just turning them off? Certainly if they don't believe they can get there it won't matter what I say ... so the real success needs to come from within the sales team themselves. How do you get there? How do you get a lawyer to believe they can win an un-win able case? How do you get an underdog hockey team to believe that they can win a championship?

Whether the issue is business, sport or personal, the challenge is much the same. Motivation comes from within and Tony's approach is to help people to understand how they can reach their dreams because then they can be successful ... and if we help them to reach their dream perhaps the dreams can be aligned with the company dream. Interesting!

I hope I didn't scare you with this blog ... I'm really just another guy who has happened to have some business success and is willing to share. I certainly don't have all the answers, which is why I need to talk with the Tonys of the world!