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Rethinking The Eagle Blog - is it worth it?

Every now and then I step back and think about the value of blogging ... both for me, and for Eagle. It is one more task for me in my already busy schedule and time is one of those precious commodities that needs to be maximized, so I need to be sure the effort is worth it. The last time I addressed this subject was in September last year, when I asked the question to Blog or Not to Blog?

Why am I asking this question now? I was recently asked by another business leader why I do it ... so that forced me to think about the answer, but later I had to step back and make sure I wasn't just giving an answer that was right last year. It is important to always question whether the landscape has changed ... because invariably it does!

My very first blog entry was January 31st 2006, a little more than two years and 475 entries ago, and I identified the focus of the blog as being technology and the staffing industry in Canada. Since then the blog has evolved and I write about many things that affect my business life and which I hope are of interest to others.

In the last two years I have made 475 entries and most of them cover several topics, but the following is a quick breakdown of the areas I have written about and how many entries relate to those areas.

1. I am very passionate about the staffing industry and try to get messages out about this great industry regularly, without preaching too much! There are 113 entries with some relevance to this subject.

2. Sales is another area that I love and of course have a few opinions about ... there are 100 entries here that are sales related.

3. Personal development transcends all professions and there are 288 entries on this subject.

4. I read a lot of "stuff" and business books are something that can bring value to anyone interested in furthering their career or just investing in their own knowledge base. I have written 20 mini book reviews about books that I think are worth reading.

5. There are 181 entries that relate to Business topics.

6. There are 36 entries on the topic of Customer Service.

7. Technology was meant to be a focus and there are 53entries on this subject. Most of these relate to the Industry News that I publish monthly at Eagle's website.

8. There are also 122 entries on the topic of Management.

As you can see there is a lot of work that has gone into the content of this blog, so again ... is it worth it? My answer is still yes, for Kevin Dee but anyone else would need to make their own determination.

Here are my reasons today ...

1. The blog is "Kevin's soapbox" to air views that need to be aired, about our industry, about life in the workforce today, about running companies, about the day to day challenges we all face. The audience for this blog is small, but I am always amazed by the number of people who tell me that they enjoy it. The entries can be forwarded and the ideas taken by others and then used to further a common cause ... its all good!

2. The content in certain areas provides good training material content ... the Sales entries for instance are based upon (a) my own real life experience, (b) content from sales experts and (c) from books on the subject. Collectively it is useful training material that can be collated into sales training materials for our own sales team.

3. The intent is for this blog to actually reside on the Eagle website (and this would have happened a long time ago if we had encountered the "supplier from hell" last year). Because the blog content is updated regularly it helps our website positioning on search engines and keeps the Eagle website interesting.

4. Because I blog and "get on my soapbox" I do get some status as a thought leader in our industry, and that is good for Eagle.

5. Blogging forces me to think ... and whatever stage you are in your career there is often a tendency for people to get into a "cruise control" mode and that is very dangerous. Being forced to think is important for all of us.

6. I am opinionated and this is one outlet for that!