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There are some things that you can change ... and some that you can't. Conventional wisdom suggests that you should focus on those things that you can change and just let the other stuff go ... that philosophy certainly helps with stress levels.

Intellectually I know and understand this theory ... but every now and then I just need to rant! Maybe its part of the "letting go" process!

This year Ottawa has had more snow than any year I can remember, and I have been here for 25 years. According to the weather people Ottawa's "average" snowfall each Winter is approximately 235cms (more than 7 1/2 feet). This Winter we are on track to beat the known record from 1970/71 which was 444cms (14 1/2 feet) ... and it just keeps coming!

So ... what does it mean to work in a city with this much snow?

- Today we are expecting 30cms (close to a foot of snow today) and by 8am this morning there was no way I was getting out of my driveway. I have a snowplow contractor who is pretty good, but it was 10:30am before he could get to my place today!
- When the snowplows do arrive to clear out the residential areas (the main roads take precedence) large ridges of snow are left across the bottom of your driveway ... again meaning you can't get out.
- When you do get out of your residential neighbour-hood onto the main roads things move, but are generally pretty slow. Then you get to where you work and of course the snow is not cleared so well and you navigate snow piles left by the ploughs, try to avoid the other vehicles doing crazy things and hope you can make it into your parking spot.

That is all just getting to work ... getting home is worse! Commute times must go from an average of an hour each way to at least double that. Kids school transportation gets cancelled leaving parents with babysitting issues, anybody with an appointment is likely going to miss it either because they can't get there in time or the person they are meeting with can't! Taxis, pizza delivery guys, newspaper delivery people, couriers and anyone else out making a living with their vehicles have a tough day on days like this ... and so do their customers.

What about productivity? As a business owner the productivity of everyone is impacted, its tough to work if you can't get there. Our contractors have trouble getting to their jobs, so hours will be down, our clients have trouble commuting in so they may miss appointments, candidates may miss interviews ... its a mess!

If you live in a climate that doesn't experience this (I come from England and we have nothing like this) then maybe this blog gives you a glimpse at Canadian Winter conditions. So here we are into March and still battling Mother Nature ... nothing to be done, but sometimes you just have to rant. It doesn't change a thing, but it felt good!

PS. The ski hill operators must be in Heaven!