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Sometimes Things Don't Go Right!

I was reading a tip from Paquin and Associates that made me think about failure. The Paquin newsletter is at the bottom of this post.

Over the years there have been many occasions where something did not go well, things went off-track or they just failed.

Anyone who takes a chance, sticks their neck out a little, tries something new or just tries hard will fail sometimes ... its just the way it is.

Last year we had our failed technology project and it caused us a lot of pain, but we recovered and we ended up with an even better solution. We learned a painful lesson and we are stronger because of it.

That is the nature of failure!

It is not failing that is the measure of a person, or a company, it is how you deal with failure!

So the next time it feels like the sky is falling, the world is ending or you want the earth to swallow you up ... remember that things WILL get better. Just keep doing the right things and you will ultimately succeed.

This can apply equally in personal hurdles or in our professional lives. Adversity does make us stronger!

Here is Michael Paquin's thought ...

A Setback Is For A Time, Not For A Lifetime


Setbacks are difficult at best and can totally get you off track, discouraged and ready to give up. However, a setback can also be a sign that it is time to go in a different direction, start something new or look at the situation from a new perspective. Setbacks are temporary and an inevitable part of life. If you take the setbacks in stride and keep on going, you can turn setbacks into success.

Coaching Question

Have you turned your setbacks into successes?

Daily Action

Today, remind yourself that you are where you are because of your setbacks.