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Are You a Spectator in Life?

The act of aging is an interesting thing (hopefully I am talking about maturity not "old age") ... every now and then we stop, look back and get clarity on an issue that happened in our past. Of course experience has a lot to do with it!

A friend of mine was reflecting on her university years and the use of participation marks. Back then she felt that they were too subjective, not really relevant and yet they could really impact her ability to get good marks. How fair was that? What did participation have to do with learning, and understanding of a subject anyway?

Today she has a different perspective ... and while the system might not be perfect she does see the benefits. She understands that "participation" was really about attitude, commitment and a willingness to be "into" the topic ... rather just showing up, regurgitating information and expecting a good mark.

She "gets it", because she now understands that the participation mark is really the difference in the business world too. It IS real world ... not academic. It is the people who REALLY engage, who want to understand and solve issues, who want to complete their projects on time and under budget who will win in life.

Once you understand that YOU are (a) the student, (b) the teacher AND (c) the recipient of EVERYTHING good that comes from "total engagement" THEN you are on your way to success. Until then ... you are a spectator!

The common phrase that comes to mind is Life is Not a Spectator Sport.

What would your participation mark be these days?