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I started to write about character, about how some people never give up and will battle through their problems and about how others seem to not be able to react the same way.

It was sounding a little too negative so I thought I'll maybe think about something else to write about. The very next email into my inbox came from Michael Paquin, with his regular "Coaching Tip". This is it ...

Two Kinds of People


I have known both kinds of people. Those who have suffered great adversity, lived through it, and created amazing lives. I have also known people who stayed stuck in the suffering and never got over it. The key to keep in mind here is it is all a choice. Life isn't happening to you. You are creating it by what you do with what happens to you. It all boils down to choice. What you choose to do with the events that happen in your life is ultimately what creates your life.

Coaching Question

How are you creating your life?

Daily Action

Today, notice if you have moved on from difficult times. If not, make it a conscious choice to forgive, learn and move on. You deserve to have the best life you can create, and you can start today by letting go of anything that is holding you back.

Now is that ever strange! I guess Michael might be an Ottawa Senators fan too ... because it is their slump in form that gave me the idea. They still have the ability to assure them selves a "playoff" spot, but they need to get out of their slump and win some games. This is a team that started the season looking and playing like champions!

Will they have the character to do what they need to do?

There has been a lot of talk about a US recession and the impact on the economy here in Canada, on the stock market and on markets around the world. How will companies react to a tougher business environment? Will they roll over? Will they keep doing the same things they always did and hope it works?

There are so many ways in which we can demonstrate a strong character, and the biggest rewards in doing it are what happens to you yourself. You take pride in your success. Your confidence grows. You become a stronger person and with each "battle" fought, whether won or lost, you grow. We learn more in the tough times. We grow more in the tough times and those who survive and thrive in the tough times scare the heck out of the competition!

So ... tough times will come. Don't worry about it, its inevitable. Just don't roll over ... fight, grow and become a better person!