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Choose to be Happy

This is one of those days when I don't have as much time to write as I would like, so I thought a very simple ... but powerful ... concept was in order.

Fact: Almost everyone has the power to decide what mood they will be in.
Fact: We allow many small and inconsequential events to adversely affect our mood.
Fact: If we could manage just that one thing about ourselves then we would be happier people!

So here are some thoughts for you ....

1. Make a conscious choice to be happy.
2. Be aware when things bug you.
3. Develop a scale to measure the importance of these events.

Some examples ...

The red light comes on before you cross the junction so now you have to wait. A "1" on the "Dee" scale of annoyances.
Some idiot cuts you off on the drive in to work, but no damage done ... A "1" on the Dee scale of annoyances.
You get fired ... OK this is really annoying, but you are still alive have skills and life will go on so maybe a "7" on the annoyance scale.
You find out you have a serious disease ... now we are talking about annoying. No-one can complain about you letting this get to you a little so maybe its a "10".

You get the idea ... by putting things in context you can dismiss the annoyances that score less than 5 to be inconsequential and therefore not let them bother you at all!

Walk fast and smile! It also helps you to be happier!!!!

Try it!!!