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Exercise Your Brain

There are many ways to exercise your brain. For many years I used to enjoy doing crossword puzzles; a couple of years ago, on a trip to the UK, I discovered the Sudoku puzzle which I have come to enjoy and just recently I have been doing logic puzzles and am enjoying the challenge of solving these mind twisters.

The thing I find about these “mind exercises” is that the more you do them the better you get at them … in a very similar fashion to physical exercise. The other thing I find is that if you do not keep up the exercise then your capability shrinks … just like your muscles if they are not exercised.

There have been studies that show exercising the brain may reduce the potential for dementia or can even help heal the damage caused by alcoholism. There is no doubt in my (well exercised) mind that keeping the brain active keeps you sharp … and that has to be good whatever you do.

So … in the same way that I advocate taking time to exercise your body, I suggest you exercise your brain too. Instead of watching TV night after night perhaps you could take an hour to do something different …

  • Learn chess.

  • Do crossword puzzles, sudoko puzzles or mind twisters.

  • Read a book.

  • Read articles about your industry, the economy, politics … or something that makes your brain work.

The threat of dementia is enough for me to want to keep my brain exercised … what will it take for you?