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How are YOU Doing With Your Goals in 2008?

I often talk about the power of goals and I always try to stress that goals are just as powerful in our private lives as they are in our professional lives. Each year I set myself goals for both sides of my life and recently hit a couple of goals on the personal side.

In the health and fitness department I hit a weight goal that I have had since Christmas ... sometimes they take a while, but if you have a goal to aim for then it really doesn't matter how long it takes. Losing weight is tough when you have lots of business events to attend! Now I have a stretch goal to hit ... maybe by NEXT Christmas!

I also had a goal to raise my charitable involvement ... recently I increased my involvement in the fund raising efforts of the United Way. I also joined a committee that is working to end chronic homelessness in Ottawa.

I still have lots of goals that I am working on ... but its nice to reach a couple!

Here is a link to my last blog about Goals. That blog had a bunch of links you might find interesting.

You don't need to get too fancy ... pick a couple of "doable" goals and go for it!