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Imaginative Business Ideas

I have previously written about the Ideas Database from Springwise. It features many new business ideas from around the world ... and I am always fascinated at the ingenuity of people!

Here are some the great new business ideas that caught my eye recently.

A few days ago I wrote a blog entry about exercising your brain which was prompted by my wife bringing home a book of logic Puzzles! Well a new business concept around Brain Gyms for Boomers has started in San Francisco. It is aimed at giving us Boomers a brain workout the same way we go to a gym for a body workout!

A British company has started offering Alcohol Breath Testing for Events. This is an attempt to educate people about their blood alcohol level before they get in a car. Of course the best answer is to not drink and drive at all, however there will always be those who "think" they are OK. Anything that helps is good ... and a new business venture is formed at the same time!

As a biker I had to be intrigued by a new offering from a Swedish company. A tow "motorbike" that is capable of negotiating through traffic to your stalled car and towing you away! Seems like a great idea for the city ... as long as the towed vehicle is not damaged.

Given my involvement in a number of charitable causes I couldn't close out without mentioning Kiva. This is a venture that provides "micro loans" to entrepreneurs in developing nations. The latest twist to this great organization is that they have found a way make their loans go further in partnership with a credit card company. Can you imagine the power of helping budding entrepreneurs to kick start a nation!

As always a brief visit to the Ideas Database helps me to think a little outside the box, and gives me a little inspiration. Hope you enjoy the visit.