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Pet Peeves of CEOs

A couple of years ago I wrote two separate blog entries focused on new entrants to the workforce ... new grads or maybe just people who are getting their first job.

Generally speaking life before work really does not prepare you adequately for life earning a pay cheque. So I think the (A) 10 rules I talked about in June last year are well worth reading! Also (B) The entry I wrote quoting Charles Syke's book Dumbing Down Our Kids is worth a read.

Who should read this advice? Everyone who has a job!

It is a good reminder about reality ... about the fact that life is NOT fair ... about what employers expect in return for the pay cheque they provide. We ALL (me included) can forget from time to time and take things for granted. The reality is that if we can stop, take a breath and really think about these things then maybe we will be better employees ... and typically good things come from that!

I was talking with a couple of fellow CEOs the other day and for whatever reason we got onto personal peeves in the workplace. There were some very common themes and really it all came down to the fact that the employer/employee relationship is like any other ... and if one side feels they are giving more than taking then the relationship will suffer. (That works both ways). So ... employees leaving early, arriving late, avoiding work, shirking responsibility, not making an effort and generally not caring ... came up a lot!

Like any good relationship, knowing and understanding expectations is a good thing ... (so read the rules!).