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I often say that time is the enemy, and I try very hard to be as productive as I can with the time that is available to me. Sleep time has always been one of those periods that I felt was fair game ... if I sleep less then of course I will have more time for other "stuff".

More and more I am reading about the importance of sleep ... for health, for fitness and even for weight control. I can certainly buy into those schools of thought but I still want to be able to determine what is the minimum amount of sleep I can get away with ... and still be healthy, fit and height-weight proportionate! The answer lies somewhere between the "teenage" ideal of 12 hours plus and the crazy ideal of 4 or 5 hours!

I also have a theory that energy is one of the four pillars (Kevin's Buckets) required for Success and if you are not getting enough sleep then you won't have optimal energy. (Did you ever notice how "connected" everything is ... but that's another blog!)

Some time ago I wrote a series of blog entries about The Healthy Executive ... and one of the blog entries was devoted to sleep. I think they are worth a read, if you are interested in health and fitness.

There is also a good article about how to sleep right in Men's Health online ... and just because its Men's Health magazine it doesn't mean women can't read it (my wife steals my magazine and reads it before me every month)!

The prevailing message from the experts appears to be ... Get Enough Sleep. I guess I will need to steal time from other areas in my life to find time to do everything!!!