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Take Control of Your Future

It has been a while since I referenced Kit Grant's regular newsletter ... so I thought it was time!

The latest newsletter is about taking responsibility for your own career, and I did write a blog entry similar to this called We ARE Responsible for Ourselves back in December.

Kit's newsletter starts with this quote:

"The biggest mistake you can make is to believe that you are working for somebody else. Remember ... jobs are owned by the company; you own your career." ... Earl Nightingale.

He goes on to say ...

Are you taking control of your own future or allowing it to be controlled by others? I'm always amazed and a bit discouraged to hear people whining about what their boss or company are doing to them, or how unhappy they are in their current job.

Exactly when did you turn over all responsibility for your own success and future to someone else? Don't get me wrong! I'm not suggesting you should do anything but your best both on and off the job, but no one else is doing "anything" to you unless you allow that.

If you don't like your job, QUIT and do something else.

If you do like it, then STAY and work to make things better.

Too many people have surrendered their personal responsibility for job (and life) satisfaction because it's much easier to play the victim role instead of taking charge of your own destiny.