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At the end of a long Winter there are a lot of people with that "malaise" or feeling of tiredness that seems to drag them down. It is an understandable state, and it is very easy to let it affect you.

I have a friend who was talking about co-workers who are really not putting in a "regular effort" because they are tired, and it was frustrating to her.

The reality is that it is 90% in the head ... if you feel tired and accept that you are tired then you will act tired and be less productive.

I asked if their employer should decide to pay less because they were not working at a regular pace ... and the employer might feel "tired" of paying for under performing employees? It was a tongue in cheek comment, but the reality is that we all owe it to ourselves first, but also to our employers to do our best!

I have written many times about attitude and the will to succeed. About the fact that if you have to work to earn a living (like almost everyone) then why not take pride in that work and excel!

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The thing about attitude is that often people assume the winner is the employer when someone takes pride in their job. The BIG winner is that person who feel that pride, who has a sense of worth and that is why you really need to do this!