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What Will You Regret at the End of Your Career

Dr. John Izzo is an author, speaker, motivator and a guy with a focus on, among other things, values. I enjoy reading his newsletter and the ideas he has ... I have not yet gotten around to his book "The 5 Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die", but its on my list!

The following is from his latest newsletter ... you can subscribe at his website! Food for thought.

What will you regret at the end of your career? Over the past two years Dr. Izzo interviewed almost 250 people from the age of 59-106 asking them to reflect back on their lives and careers to discover lessons learned. The result was his new book The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before Your Die. Here are some interesting statistics:

91% said they had not taken enough risks in their career;
43% said that the most important career choices they made involved "taking a risk and getting out of their comfort zone";
55% expressed regret at having been too focused on "career to the detriment of family and personal life";
Yet 22% said they had sacrificed family time for their career but felt the sacrifice was worth the rewards;
78% identified "relationships" as the greatest source of personal happiness;
75% identified "making a difference" as the greatest source of meaning in their career-far more important than status, money or job title;
81% said that the most important factor in career happiness was "being true to yourself by choosing a career that fit your true interests.";
When asked "what did not matter in terms of finding happiness?" 84% said "money beyond basic comfort" and 68% said "what other people think of you"