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Some time ago I Wrote about "Kevin's" motivation file, a collection of newspaper articles that inspire me (through intimidation). I also wrote a blog based upon Kit Grant's comments that I called The Myth of Motivating People (Kit was a speaker at the ACSESS conference).

My feeling is that it is not possible to motivate people, motivation is something that needs to come from within. It is however possible to inspire people, and from there you hope they will get motivation to act.

The ACSESS Conference, as previously mentioned was the best one I have intended and in and amongst the content was enough "inspiration" for anyone!

Kit Grant started things off with his 10 Steps to Success ... about which I blogged in April 2006.

Jeff Skrentney is an industry trainer most known for his recruiter training ... but has always been very passionate about everything in his life. Consequently he has developed a presentation about passion and how to get passion back into your life. He talked about how passionate we are as children and somehow we manage to lose that enthusiasm as we "mature". It was a good presentation and certainly gave the listener a lot to think about ... in addition to a small poster "take away".

It was the final speaker of the conference who really got to me. I think of myself as someone who wants to live their life fully ... someone who wants to savor every aspects. This guy brought tears to my eyes! Warren MacDonald is an Australian who lost both legs above the knee in a hiking accident. His talk was first about his will to live ... but more about his desire to REALLY live, the way he wanted his life to be lived! This is a man who within months of the accident entered a 1.2km swim with more than 700 other people in his age category and beat a couple of hundred of them! 10 months after the accident he climbed a mountain in Australia and subsequently scaled Kilimanjaro in Africa. Since then he has taken up ice climbing, all with no legs. I bought his book ... A Test of Will.

Life is a gift every day that most of us squander, we worry and we find reasons NOT to do things. Warren tells us that how we view the world is what it becomes. I liked that clarity, because that is exactly how I feel ... now I need to set myself some bigger goals! Why don't you too?