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Good Sales Advice!

I am just back to the office after a month on vacation ... wow, the first time I have taken so much time in probably 30 years! It was good to take a break and recharge the batteries and I am easing my way back into work.

As I catch up with the huge backlog of email I will share some of the goodies I come across. This one is from my friend Ron Jette at Adams Jette Marketing and Communications, who has done great work for Eagle in the past. His newsletter often has some great ideas and thoughts ... this little story was entitled ... Everything I Know About Sales I Learned as a Boy Scout!

Nate Scholz is a 23-year-old student at Washington State University. He is also a student of sales. In March 2007, Nate beat 87 other students from 44 universities across America in the national collegiate sales competition. His secret is one that he could easily have picked up as a Boy Scout: Be prepared. For anything.

Knowing he would be judged on everything from approach, presentation and needs-identification to overcoming objections, closing and enthusiasm, Nate said he was thoroughly prepared because like any sales call, you may get only one chance.

According to the judges, Nate excelled in one area in particular: overcoming objections. He used a simple, three-step process that not only addresses objections head-on, but can often open the door to a closing opportunity.

Here is the process:

Reiterate the objection. "So, you are concerned about..."
Overcome the objection. "To give you some comfort in that regard, it's important for you to know that..."
Confirm that the objection has been answered. "Does that answer your concerns?"

Nate says that success also comes from being mentally tough. He says he would begin by recording his presentations and answers to objections on video. Then, he would critique his performance, tune up his approach and record it all over again. And again. And again.

And never forget that "sales" is about much more than financial transactions. Even if we are simply trying to convince someone to support our idea, program or vision, or join our project team, all of us are selling-every day.