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Travel Helps Perspective

I have been on vacation a little more than a week, mostly spent in Paris and now I am in Barcelona for a week. It is very "different" for me to take so much time away from work all at once ...and the value of "decompression" is hard to quantify, but certainly appreciated when the opportunity presents itself.

While away from the office a number of my previous blog posts are being "re-run" and I have taken the opportunity to re-read them with a different perspective than when I am in the throes of my business. I still have no regrets with any of my former postings even though some are more than two years old ... I hope that some readers are enjoying them.

Travel in Europe is particularly interesting for me because the European perspective on life is definitely different than the North American one, the way of life is different and after living in Canada for more than 25 years I'm very happy to be visiting Europe but will also be happy to come "home".

Sometimes it is good to see other ways of life to appreciate what you have ... even though those other lifestyles have much to offer too. I am a "glass half full" kind of person by nature, so I typically do take time to understand how lucky I am, this trip just magnifies it. I am so lucky to be able to make this trip, so lucky to have my health and enjoy a trip like this and so lucky to be able to return to a lifestyle in Canada that is the envy of the world!

I guess I will echo the beer commercial "I AM Canadian!" ... but still proud of my English heritage!