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Vacation over ... Time for a Restart!

For the first time in my professional career I took a month away from the office, and was lucky enough to enjoy a trip to Europe. For the last couple of days I have been "getting back into the job", and trying to implement those "time management" ideas that I have blogged about so often!

In May of last year I blogged about the "First Day Back in the Office", after having been away for a one week vacation. It was good to review my thoughts from that time, because they are certainly relevant having been away for a month.

I think the biggest difference in being "out of the loop" for a month is that all of my various "roles", both inside Eagle and working with charities and associations, have moved along substantially in four weeks. It is therefore critical to be sure I not only get up to speed quickly, but also that I understand the most time sensitive items to address.

This is also a good time to step back and re-evaluate my role, am I focused in the right areas, is my time being maximized to the best extent possible? Should I be making changes in what I do, or how I do it or even should it be done at all?

It is a little like solving a big puzzle ... except in many ways it is several puzzles, inter-related into one large puzzle. For each role that I perform there is the puzzle of understanding the priorities and what needs to happen. Then each of the roles come together to form the larger puzzle that defines the priorities for those roles.

I am lucky in that the Eagle management team have once again shown that they are well capable of operating in my absence ... but that then creates the question about whether I am needed in all of the areas in which I was operating? I wonder how many people reading this blog ask themselves whether they are really relevant in their job ... it is a little disconcerting to think you might not be as important as you think!

All of the above will shake itself out in the next little while ... the most critical component of getting up to speed is to prioritize well, and to use good time management techniques to ensure that you are maximizing your productivity.

I have a number of blog entries on this subject that is near and dear to my heart ...

In September 2006 I wrote 10 Practical Tips to Manage Time.
In September 2007 I referenced a Colleen Francis article about Time Management for Sales People.
In January 2008 I wrote 10 Tips for Effective "To Do Lists".

Scattered throughout my 500 plus blog entries there are many references to the power of effective time management. Personal productivity is one of the most important aspect of career success, and people who can get a lot of "things" done WILL be successful ... all I have to do now is follow my own advice and get on with it!

Time to get back to my catch up activities!