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Business Travel

I have written on this subject before, but thought that this week was a good example of why business travel can get to be a little wearing. I travel fairly regularly, with most travel between Ottawa and Toronto which is really easy ... generally I get out to Western Canada a couple or three times a year, which is a little tougher because of time zone differences and the time to get there (4 hours to Calgary, 5 1/2 hours to Vancouver).

This week was an anomaly because of some critical meetings coupled with some of our management team being on vacation.

Monday I flew to Toronto for the day.
Tuesday I worked in Ottawa.
Wednesday (today) I flew to Calgary this morning and fly back to Ottawa on the red-eye, arriving back at 6:30am tomorrow;
Thursday I will be in the Ottawa office, after a shower.
Friday I will be in the Ottawa office.
Saturday I drive to Toronto for an event and;
Sunday I drive back to Ottawa.
Monday through Friday next week I will be in Calgary.

I can't imagine what it would be like to have to fly all over the world, but after doing this for about the last 15 years I can tell you that it is not exciting, it messes with my fitness schedule, I don't eat as healthy as I might and sleep is tough in all those foreign beds.

The reality is that there are costs to every job, and despite some of the demands and stresses of this job I love what I do. I think that sometimes we can all focus a little too much on the negative bits of our jobs and forget to enjoy the rest!

So ... this is not a whining blog entry, just the facts. If you are considering a role that requires a lot of business travel, then you should consider whether you are prepared to make these kind of sacrifices.