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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

One of my coworkers actually requested that I write this blog entry ... she was having "one of those days" yesterday where it seemed that everything she touched went wrong! She was letting it all "get to her" and she needed a little boost to remind her "not to sweat the small stuff".

The basis of that phrase is for exactly this kind of situation ... every day we have new challenges, old challenges or repeat challenges. It is very easy to let them get us down ... but what we really need is perspective. We need to think about all the positives in our lives and remind ourselves of the things for which we should be grateful. If we can choose to be happy then we "let those little challenges go" before they become larger issues in our mind.

I wrote a blog about how being positive helps you to live longer, which is good motivation to not "sweat the small stuff".

I wrote a blog entry titled What Kind of Mood are you in which again talked about our ability to take control of our own emotions and not let ourselves be "dragged down" by issues or the minutia of life.

If you ever need a musical reminder of the need to remain positive it could be What a Wonderful World which I blogged about in December last year. Louis Armstrong's song is a great reminder that we have much to be grateful for in this world of ours.

In April this year I mused about the little things that can Make You Smile, and the power of smiling particularly when you are feeling a little down.

(Note: There is a book called Don't Sweat the Small Stuff that is a quick read and worth checking out.)

There are SO many reasons for anyone who can read this blog to be in a positive mood that letting the day to day "little things" get us down is just crazy. Focus on the positive and let the small stuff "wash off"!