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I was talking to an entrepreneur recently who is in the midst of getting his new business venture going. As always, it is a tough journey, the road seems all uphill … and there are many distractions on the way. A distraction for him was another opportunity that came along with the promise of some much needed revenues in the short term, but it will mean a loss of focus on the real goal.

It is always a tough decision to turn down a business opportunity … the “bird in the hand” for the promise of something bigger and better “in the bush”. I pulled out the old story about the Eagle hunting and spotting two rabbits … if she focuses on one then the promise of a kill is high, but if she tries to get both then it is very likely she will get none. Easy for me to say and definitely a challenge for my friend.

For me focus is a key component of success whatever you are doing. When I played soccer I was at my best when I was totally focused on the game, and not distracted with other things going on in my life. When I ride my motorbike I have to be focused because there is no margin for error if my mind wanders. In business the competitive landscape is tougher every day and we succeed by being great at what we do … which only comes with focus.

I did write a blog entry about focusing on the important stuff… so focus can apply at a strategic level, as with my friend’s business dilemma or in our every day lives. There is a old quote, “He who aims at nothing is sure to hit it”!