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Interesting Websites

I am a big fan of productivity in the work place so I am definitely NOT advocating that you (the reader) explore all of these sites while in the office ... this could be a good way to spend a few minutes on your home computer tonight!

I have mentioned before that I subscribe to Men's Health magazine and it has some great articles, largely about health and fitness, but also articles of general interest. My wife subscribes to Women's Health magazine and it too has some interesting articles, one of which was the "spark" for this blog entry.

The internet is a great source of information and entertainment, but it can also be overwhelming, so I am always pleased when I am "spoon fed" new and interesting sites. Several times I have mentioned the Springwise Ideas Database in blog entries as a site worth a visit.

In the latest Women's Health Magazine was an article with 100 great websites to visit. A quick look suggests that quite a few of them are very US centric, and not that relevant to Canadians. There are however more than a few that seem to be interesting, relevant and worth a shot.

Here are a couple ...

The environment is s huge topic everywhere you look these days. allows you to measure your carbon and environment footprint and offers tips to help the environment. There are references to a couple of other relevant sites too .... and

If you are like me then you will have tons of digital photos and you may or may not be an expert with one of the various photo editing tools. is a site that allows you to edit any of your photos and then save the changed picture back!

If you are a runner then you can go to to develop a custom training program to get ready for your next race!

If you are a cyclist then will help you find routes and races near you.

Read the original article and browse 100 sites that might be of interest to you!