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Never Give Up!

There is a song with the lyrics "Sometimes the roads seem all uphill ... ", and the sentiment is that you should never give up. There is also a song from Shaggy called "Hope" with that same sentiment. In fact I mentioned Shaggy's song in a blog entry in September 2006 about Entrepreneurship, Success and Perseverance.

You don't need to be an entrepreneur or super successful to overcome challenges, it just feels good to battle through! The reality is that we all face challenges (big and small) and we can grow and become better people by overcoming those hurdles ... and by not giving in to adversity!

My friend Kit Grant's newsletter addressed this subject today ... check it out!

"My concern is not whether you have failed but whether you are content with your failure." ... Abraham Lincoln

It's just so easy to quit, isn't it? I mean, if things don't work out, just give up. I have discovered more than once that with only a minimum of extra effort, the success rate in most endeavours always goes up. Why then, do we find it so easy to e content with failure?

Well, one big reason is that the best way to avoid failing again and experiencing the same or greater pain is to just do nothing and walk away. Just the other day I was playing (golf) so poorly on the front nine that I quit and went home. The next day on the 10th tee, one of my playing partners from the previous day asked if I was going to be so bold as to play a whole game this time. Ouch! It's easy to forget you're supposed to be out there having fun and getting some exercise when you get your head so wrapped up in how you're doing. Who knows? I could have had a great back nine the first day but never gave that opportunity a chance to happen. How content are you with your failures and what opportunities might you be shutting out by giving up too easily?