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Proud to be Canadian

Tuesday this week was Canada Day with all of the associated celebration and tomorrow our American cousins will celebrate 4th of July.

For many, it was a day off work and a chance to party, perhaps an opportunity to take an extra day or two and create an extra long holiday. This year I was amazed at the number of Canadian flags flying from cars, houses and anywhere it was possible to attach a flag! There were more people wearing red and white than I have ever seen in previous years and we were lucky enough that the weather was glorious for just that day ... surrounded as it was by gloomy, rainy days.

The world is currently experiencing an economic downturn, some inflation, record high gas prices and the affects of the sub-debt experience. Yet, here in Canada (in fact in North America) we have so much to be thankful for and I thought I would take a minute and reflect on that ... rather than just celebrate the opportunity to drink beer instead of working!

Here in Canada we have a stable political environment where we do not have to worry about civil war or terrorism to any great degree. We do not have the terrible natural disasters experienced so often in other parts of the world. We have a freedom of speech and action second to none, with no concern that secret police will carry us off in the middle of the night. We have full employment and plentiful food for all. We have a health care and welfare system that is the envy of the world. We are a peaceful and polite society that assures those around us are treated with respect. We are a caring society that provides for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Having said that, our society allows us to freedom to strive for change and to continually strive to get better. We are challenged to compete in a global economy which stretches us and makes us better people and better companies. We are tolerant of differences of opinion and can have spirited debates about the issues of the day and still enjoy the fact that we are all Canadians striving to make this an even better country.

I have lived in Canada for more than 25 years now and am proud to be a Canadian. Now that is something to celebrate on Canada Day!