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Staffing Companies and Their Value to Canada

It has been a while since anyone has been blunt enough to suggest to me directly that staffing companies bring little value, but that sentiment is still "out there" and yesterday I got to see it in print.

It is interesting to me in an age where one of the primary concerns of the business community is a skills shortage and a close second is the looming labor shortage, that anyone could still feel that staffing companies bring no value! Our core business is finding the right resources at the right time, and doing it cost effectively ... the need for this skill has never been higher!

The document I read was a draft, but there was a suggestion (statement) that staff augmentation companies bring no value in the specific area of the Canadian Innovation agenda. This is a narrow view from someone who has probably never taken the time to look at our industry. There are many ways in which companies like Eagle bring value in the context of the Canadian Innovation Agenda, here are just a few top of mind:

1. We employ Canadian technology resources, giving them opportunity and access to jobs and experiences that help them to be world class technology people.
2. We provide scholarships and support to Canadian institutions that educate our future technology resources.
3. We find the skilled resources from around the world that come to Canada and help Canadian companies to grow and prosper.
4. It is small entrepreneurial entities that grow into tomorrow enterprises and they very often get their start as independent contractors ... getting their experience and early jobs through companies like Eagle. Two top of mind examples of such companies might be Cognos and Calian, both started by a few independent consultants. We could also talk about companies like Systemhouse, LGS, Synerlogic and many others that went on to be a part of larger entities.
5. Any large project whether run by private enterprise or government will have a significant percentage of the staff who are independent consultants. They don't grow on trees and it is staffing companies that find the right people for those jobs. The success of those projects depends on access to skilled resources through companies like mine.
6. The flexibility we provide to system integrators means that they can have "lean" bench strength and remain competitive. Anyone who understands that world knows that too many people "on the bench" means losing money and that helps no-one.

I took the personal risk when I started Eagle, we compete in this global economy, create wealth for Canadians, bring value to our clients and I am very proud to be a Canadian that is having a positive affect in the communities and industry that I serve. I serve on several industry and charitable boards and committees and have consistently contributed back into those communities for many years. I take exception when people take a run at this industry ... it is an industry that brings tremendous value to the Canadian economy. More specifically, we make a direct and very real contribution to Canada's innovation agenda.

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