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Summer Motivation

The Summer months can be tough for some businesses, and some of us find it particularly hard to stay motivated when they see so many other people on vacation and the sun shining outside.

There is a definite lure for people to "goof off" and their productivity can slip as they think about sitting on a patio or just soaking up some sun.

It doesn't have to be like that ... it can also be a great way to motivate yourself!

Try setting some goals for yourself and rewarding yourself for meeting those goals with a slightly longer lunch hour soaking up the rays, or a slightly early leaving time etc.

That way everybody can feel good about the scenario ... your boss can know that you are meeting targets, you can feel good that you are earning your pay cheque, the business doesn't suffer and you get to enjoy that sunshine.

Not an option for everyone, but it could work for most people in sales!

Another idea might be to negotiate some activity from home later in the evening in lieu of leaving the office early! Lots of options, get creative and develop win-win scenarios that ensure you take full advantage of these sunny Summer days!