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Give Back ... It Will Make You a Better Person!

I have written previously about the need to support charities in our society, but its time to bring it up again!

Corporate Social Responsibility is expected of good companies and Eagle supports a number of charities, our most prominent these days being the United Way. As September approaches the United Way begins its annual fund raising campaign which I wrote about that last year. In addition to company money donated, Eagle's employees are also very generous with their time, providing assistance to a variety of organizations.

Individual donations are as important as corporate giving, so Janis and I make substantial donations to a number of charities, including the United Way, Mission for Men, Boys and Girls Club and the Heart Foundation. We also regularly cut $20, $50 and $100 cheques through the year as we get "hit up" for support ... in addition to giving time to several charity committees.

I believe that EVERYONE who has the means should give something back to society. I wrote about individual responsibility for giving last year and admitted that I didn't always think this way. For some of us it takes time to get our head around this notion that we should give money and time back to support our community. Once we "get it" then we realize that not only are we better people for doing it, but we wonder why it took so long to figure it out!

I won't preach too long ... please be generous in your support for charities, whichever ones you choose to support!