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A New Look!

When I started blogging in January 2006 it was always part of the plan to have the blog on the Eagle website. It was never a big priority but, definitely a "nice to have" from an Eagle marketing perspective. Yesterday Eagle's new website went live, with the blog incorporated into the design and today the look and feel of the blog was updated to match the new website format.

It is an interesting process to change a corporate website and our timing was certainly thrown off by our technology problems last year when our "unnamed supplier" failed to deliver the goods with their software. Luckily Bullhorn came through for us and today we are stronger than ever ... we just lost a year of focus, as the Eagle management team was sucked into damage control and "work-arounds" for a non-performing system. Ancient history!

The new website is a collaborative project between our marketing group and our technology providers. We coordinated several suppliers to get our finished product and we researched many and various websites to validate that our design was good. It is probably also a fact that if you ask 10 people for an opinion on a website design, you will likely get 10 different answers!

I like our new website because:

  1. It is simple, it is not cluttered with writing, but the content is there for anyone to access.

  2. More than 90% of visitors to the website come to look for jobs ... so that is front and centre.

  3. The higher value, regularly changing content are (a) the Eagle newsletters and (b) the Eagle blog ... so they too are prominent.

  4. Any information about Eagle is available, just not prominently displayed ...because most people are not looking for that stuff.

  5. The fact that my blog is there is very nice.

Hope you like it too. If you have nice things to say, then please do comment. If you hate it then ... I guess you should tell us that too.

Walk Fast and Smile!