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August IT Industry News

This is my monthly very high level look at events in the ICT industry over the month of August. More details will be available at the Eagle website over the next day or two.

This time last year (August 2006) we reported on a number of significant acquisitions … IBM in particular had a busy month buying ISS ($1.3B), FileNet ($1.6B), MRO Software ($740M) and Webify; Sandisk bought M-Systems ($1.6B) and LogicaCMG bought WM-data Nordic ($1.5B). There were also a number of announced layoffs at CSC, CA, AOL and Sun.

So … what about August 2007? It did not seem to be quite as busy, perhaps supporting our perception that many of us in the IT space decided this was the

year to catch up on some Summer vacation, recharge the batteries and get set for a blockbuster Fall!

There were a number of M&A deals this month with perhaps the most significant resulting in Acer becoming the World’s 3rd largest PC vendor through the acquisition of Gateway for $710 million. India’s Wipro paid $600 million for a US company, Info crossing. Citrix shelled out $500 million for Xensource, Dell paid $340 million for ASAP software and HP paid $240 million for Neoware.

We also learned that the hackers are getting more sophisticated and proliferating with the readily available “hacker kits” on the internet! I guess Monster might have learned about that this month too! A study told us that the top reason people left a job was “private reasons” … is that kind of like “mind your own business”? The Indian cell phone market appears to be growing, and is now Nokia’s second largest market … but China still take the biscuit with around 500 million subscribers!

As the days shorten Fall is coming on fast and it feels like the Summer has gone way too fast! I hope you enjoy this month’s Industry news … later!