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I looked up Friendship on Wikipedia and it was quite an interesting read ... with lots of links. I thought it was a topic worthy of discussion but once I started writing I felt like I am no expert in this area. So instead I ask a lot of questions that I'm not sure I have the answers to ... but I find them interesting to ponder! Hopefully you do too.

Do you take your friends for granted?
Is that what friends are for?
Do you have any friends?
How do you make friends?
Do your friends treat you as well as you treat them?
What is the difference between an acquaintance, a friend and a close friend?
How much do you invest in your friends? Time, energy, emotion, support, money!

As a type-A business owner I focused pretty much most of my spare time over the last 20 years on my family ... about which I have no regrets. It did however mean that I was not investing as much in my friends for a long time, which I think is pretty typical for many families while the children are growing. So ... do I have any close friends? Or are they just friends? If I moved away would they miss me? Would I miss them?

If you were in trouble tomorrow, who could you call?
If you need a shoulder that is not family, do you have one?
Is a close friend someone that you spend a lot of time with? Someone you have grown close to over a significant period of time? Someone who you have a "connection" with? All of the above ... or some mix thereof?

When did you last do something spontaneous with your friends?
When did they last initiate something?
Are your "friends" giving as much to the relationship as you are? Are they giving more?
Is the relationship fun? Stale? Comfortable? Routine?

I think we can probably all agree that friends are valuable, and we mostly all have some friends. I do wonder about the depth of those relationships and I think I need to work harder at them. If you have close friends then make sure they are appreciated! If you are still working at it, you are not alone.