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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

I have used that phrase a number of times in various blog entries, a few days ago I talked about Selling and one of my comments was for salespeople to get out of their comfort zone. In March this year I asked What Didn't You Do? ... and again referenced getting out of your comfort zone. I recently received a Coaching Tip from Michael Paquin titled Its Not Brave If You Are Not Scared ... which I have copied below, and it too talks about this concept.

So ... what do I mean, and why is it important?

First let's tackle the why ...

If you do the same thing day in and day out ... then it gets boring, you get in a rut, your productivity decreases, your competition pass you by ... AND, if you are not being very successful and doing the same thing, you are insane (see Bob's Rules)!
If you want to get better at what you do, advance your career, change your life, impress someone, build your self confidence ... or any one of a number of positive things then you need to change things up. In order to change things up you need to "push your limits", "do something you have not done before", "try some new techniques", "take a risk" ... or put simply "get out of your comfort zone".

What Does That Mean?

Here are SOME examples in my work life where I got out of my comfort zone ...

I left school at 16 yrs of age and went in the Royal Navy.
I went back to night school at age 21.
I left the Royal Navy for civilian life at age 23 ... THAT was scary!
I changed career from aircraft mechanic to computer programmer.
I emigrated from the UK to Canada at age 27.
I got into a sales role at age 30.
I started my own business at age 41.

These were all pretty radical life changing events, and the end result has been my growth path from 16 year old high school drop out to relatively successful business owner.

Getting out of your comfort zone might not be so radical, but each time you do it you create the opportunity for a leap (big or small) in your life. Maybe you change your hours at work to be able to talk with more clients. Maybe you take self development courses. Maybe you use better time management techniques. Maybe you spend less time on distractions while at work. Any change can take you to a new level, the more radical the change the bigger the risk and the bigger potential gain!

Here is Michael Paquin's Coaching Tip.

It's Not Brave If You Are Not Scared

Coaching: Funny, when I ask people what they have done in their life that was brave they almost always tell me "nothing." You are brave, and you have done some very brave things in your life. You have changed jobs, started and or ended relationships, took risks and didn't always play it safe. I hope you continue to live your life on the edge, be afraid and do it anyway.

Coaching Question:
Are you scared?

Daily Action: If the answer to that question was yes you are on the right track. When you are living life to the fullest it is natural to be a little scared. Just keep moving forward and let the fear move you forward.