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Planning ... what if your plan fails?

I often write about the need for planning ...companies need to have plans, divisions within companies need to have plans, salespeople need to have plans, in our world recruiters need to have plans. I suggest that people have plans for their career, plans for their life ... plans that incorporate ALL of the things that are important to them.

Like most people offering advice on these things I conveniently (?) avoid the fact that sometimes plans don't work out! What if the world changes on you? Your client goes bankrupt? Your spouse leaves you? Your priorities change? What if you are just not achieving the targets that you set for yourself?

So, what if your plan fails?

The answer ... make another plan!

- Learn the lessons from the first plan.
- Make sure that you understand why the plan failed and address those issues.
- Don't keep doing the same things ... insanity.
- Don't use it as an excuse to accept failure ... rather use it as a motivator to do better!
- Ask yourself HARD questions, and give yourself honest answers.
- Did you believe in the first plan? If you don't believe a plan is possible then don't bother! You will NEVER execute to a plan if you don't believe it is doable.
- Did you do everything in your power to meet the plan? Did you work hard, avoid deviating from the path, focus on the task, get advice and help as needed?
- Where there circumstances beyond your control?
- What could you have done differently? Better?
- What should you have NOT done?
- Who can help you to meet your plan? Are you engaging them?

At the end of the day, a good plan is the roadmap to reach your goal ... whatever that goal is, be it personal or professional. Missing a plan is not the end of the world, BUT it means you need to either plan better or execute better.

The steps to success are:

#1. Build a plan
#2. Buy into the plan.
#3. Execute on the plan.

If at first you don't succeed ... try, try and try again!