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Cruise Control or Engaged Brain - The Sequel

I had a few people comment on my last post ... and after a little reflection I decided that I would add a couple of observations/thoughts.

1. EVERYBODY operates on cruise control to some degree.

2. There are a couple of differences between the high achievers and the rest.

a. High achievers spend more time "engaged" than on cruise control.
b. High achievers allot their work according to their state of mind ... so do the work that requires more brain power while your brain is strong and engaged, do the mindless routine tasks when you are tired or in cruise control.

Therefore to be the best that you can be (I think I saw that somewhere else) you need to work at reducing cruise control time and increasing engaged brain time ... this requires stamina and resilience!

In order to make best use of your most productive brain time you need to employ good time management techniques. So if you know that you are most "alive" first thing in the morning then do your most challenging work then!

If you increase your stamina and resilience AND you employ good time management techniques ... then you will improve your overall effectiveness.

Why would you want to do this?

a. You have to work, so you might as well do the best you can.
b. Your sens of self worth increases as you get better at what you do.
c. You might get promoted.
d. You might earn more money.
e. Its way better than the alternative ... putting in time!