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Whenever you focus on a specific subject it tends to give you a different perspective. Today I was working on Eagle's new and updated "Diversity Program". Like many good ideas there is a ton of common sense involved in such a program, but also like anything you want to achieve, it takes a little effort, a champion to help push it along and it takes buy-in from those you are targeting.

Eagle is already a very diverse organization when it comes to both visible minorities and women. In fact the staffing industry in general, for whatever reason, has a very high number of women in the industry. Many if not most of the largest staffing companies in Canada are headed up by women, which is a great statement about the glass ceiling in our industry.

In looking at a diversity program I was reminded of our kids and how to them, diversity is "just the way it is". Of course I hate to say it but many of Eagle's newer employees are in the same age group as our kids (did I admit that!) so to them this is a no-brainer. When I was growing up in Liverpool in the sixties people had a different, more parochial attitude to diversity ... it is nice to see the progression since then.

Do we need to tell people not to discriminate? Certainly not here!

Is it a good thing to publish and uphold your values in areas like diversity? I think it does make sense to ensure all of your staff embrace the values the company instills in its culture. At Eagle we will introduce some new programs in addition to implementing a better awareness and education campaign, just to make sure there are no "red necks" hiding among our offices.

It is an interesting area and I am under no illusion that discrimination is gone, but in my world today I don't see nearly the bigotry that we saw 40 years ago. That has to be progress!